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We here at GC Grabs don't take ourselves too seriously. In fact we celebrate our flawed, imperfect, human qualities. Despite wanting to see the best in people and situations, we know that people can be jerks. There's always one bad egg, right? There is also an abundance of goodness and really awesome people out there too...we love them and strive to be them. Everyday we step out and show the world who and what we are by our actions and our branding. When we go to the gym we know who spent a small fortune on their workout pants based on the "branding,"  (I mean we go to the gym to workout right...although just happen to know whose athletic wear came from which store based on a little, cute logo) and we could likely pin point certain demographics based on the vehicle a person (s) drives. You know those amazing red bottomed heels? Yes. I always wanted those, but then wouldn't be able to afford any clothes to go with them and let's face it...gone are the days of anything other than sensible, comfortable shoes.
Next time you step out, why not step out showcasing your love of all things Jesus and your constant evolving faith walk? It's like your little high five to the world and a reminder that no matter what comes your way, you've got Him on your side. No claiming perfection over here, instead we're celebrating our perfectly imperfect selves and the likeness in which we were created. 

We have tried and tested several materials and brought to market only the highest quality most versatile products


All products you purchase help to further our cause in helping make the world a better place. That's right.... 10% of our sales are donated to children in need. We love giving and really love giving when it is multiplied. 


“We want to go with you wherever life takes you.”

We are busy people. We are movers. We tackle everyday leaving not one moment out. You can wash our products, you can dry our products, you can run them through the dirt and run over them (although that's just messy- so we try and avoid if possible).

 Creating something that you would love and would last was our mission...and we think we crushed it.


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